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Hévíz Bicycle Trail 1.

Заполни маршрут на свой ГЛОНАС как файл ГПХ
Teljes táv: 37 km
Össz. emelkedő:  280 m
Össz. lejtő: -210 m
Magasság max.: 211 m
Magasság min.: 104 m

Hévíz Bicycle Center – Alsópáhok – Nemesboldogasszonyfa – Sármellék – Zalavár – Zala Dyke – Szentgyörgyvár – Alsópáhok – Hévíz Bicycle Center

On this tour you can see the unique environment of Kis-Balaton, so the view is worth the ride. After Hévíz your road goes through Alsópáhok, the sight of the settlement is the Roman Catholic church which was built in Baroque style. Hévíz is really close to the village so the tourists come here, too and you can see lots of beautiful buildings, not just cottages but also magnificent big houses. Your road goes along the mountain in Nemesboldogasszonyfa and from here you can get to Sármellék. In this area there used to be a settlement even in the prehistoric ages. You can find the Hévíz-Balaton international airport here. The Nature Reserve of Kis-Balaton is next to Sármellék. This area is rich in natural and cultural values. Then you go across Zalavár, most part of this settlement is under water or marshy and it belongs to the National Park of Balaton-felvidék (the uplands of Balaton). Zalavár has a long historical past, it has already been an important center of the county in the 10th century. Its main sights are the ruins of Zalavár, the Cyrillic and Methodian monument, the Kis-Balaton house where you can see the local flora, fauna and avifauna. The statue of the popular novelist, István Fekete, and the hovel of Matula are near here, too. From here, you go on the tour on a gravelly road, on the Dyke of Zala surrounded by the area of Kis-Balaton from both sides. You arrive to Szentgyörgyvár and from a vineyard you get to Alsópáhok and Hévíz. On this vineyard you can find a chestnut tree with the thickest trunk in the country.